Four Blue Palms (Florida)


For reservations, please send the following information to Abbey Sports at (Phone: 850-468-0463):

·      Date of Reservation

·      Name of Owner

·      Email Address

·      Address

·      Cell Phone Number

By providing this information, this will make sure you get a confirmation for your stay. Once she has your booking in place, she will have a property manager reach out to you within about 48-72 hours so you know who to contact with questions about the home, the area, or your stay.

The cleaning service fee is $575. This will be billed directly to Four Blue Palms and paid by the company. Owners will be required to reimburse the company for those costs. This will be added to any rental fees.

Rental fees with be calculated by Erin and will be emailed to you directly from Four Blue Palms closer to your stay. If you would like to request information about the rental fees ahead of time, please contact Erin at or 405-603-1917.

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